Company Fact Sheet

Regency and Customization

Regency Fireplace Products is a premier manufacturer of traditional and contemporary quality fireplaces, freestanding stoves and inserts for existing fireplaces. Regency products are unique in that they provide the consumer the ability to customize the look of their fireplace with a mix and match design system. With hundreds of possible combinations, Regency can satisfy any design taste without the need for a customized budget.

Regency and Craftsmanship

With thirty years of experience, Regency products cater to people seeking quality craftsmanship, reliability and maximum product life. Regency stands apart from other manufacturers with its focus on customizable fireplace design, a lifetime warranty and realistic gas flame technology.

International Flair

Headquartered just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Regency Fireplace Products distributes three different brands: Regency, Hampton and Excalibur. The company’s products are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe and Asia.

Regency Fireplace Products Family

Regency® The most comprehensive product grouping, the Regency product line is the hallmark of the Regency family. Regency is a premium steel line that focuses on fine finishes and high quality materials.

Contemporary Fireplace Collection Designed specifically with the discerning consumer, builder, architect or Designer in mind. This collection reflects current home décor trends while maintaining what people value in their fireplaces, it combines top product quality with stunning modern styling and easy installation.

Regency Horizon™ Regency Horizon fireplaces think outside the box. The combination of a wide angle viewing area, see through and one sided units, choice in fire bed packages and clean front styling bring drama to any contemporary home.

Liberty™ The Liberty series by Regency offers consumers a clean front solution with unparalleled viewing areas. Multiple flame and panel packages offer the opportunity to either produce the illusion of a real masonry fireplace or unique, personalized fires.

Bellavista™ Revolutionizing the popular PanoramaTM line, the Bellavista series is versatile with several log & fire packages, fascia, and panel options. Builders can now install a quality product with a modern twist to conventional styling.

Excalibur® Excalibur offers customers luxury fireplaces that are more stylized than traditional appliances. Excalibur gas and wood fireplaces, with antique plated surrounds and flexible installation, are ideal for the discerning homeowner looking for a luxurious fireplace.

Greenfire™ For the environmentally conscious consumers, Greenfire™ by Regency brings proven wood pellet technology to its stove and insert. With incredible efficiency and unparalleled reliability, the Greenfire line has tremendous potential to replace expensive, imported fossil fuels with renewable, affordable, domestic resources.

Hampton® Hampton’s full line of hand-crafted cast iron products include gas and wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts. These products provide home owners with refined features, high heat efficiency and time-honored finishing touches.

Regency Retail Locations

All Regency and Hampton products are sold through a network of professional dealers. To find a dealer near you, click on Find a Dealer.