Press Releases

4/12/2012 - Modern Design Meets Classic Styling
Regency Horizon™ HZ965Eand Regency Liberty™ L965E are the latest additions to Regency’s line-up of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces. Inspired by today’s clean lines and seamless design, the Regency L965E and HZ965E combine a modern louverless style with classic fireplace design. Boasting an impressive 965 square inch viewing area and tall fireplace opening, this fireplace makes a grand statement that puts the focu™s on the fire; A perfect fit for open concept living and large spaces.

10/7/2011 - Robert Little of Regency Fireplace Products - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2011
Regency is pleased to announce that founder and chief executive, Robert Little of Regency Fireplace Products was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 for the Pacific region. Robert also won in the manufacturing category at this year's awards event.

7/27/2010 - Regency Alterra™ Wood Fireplace Collection
The Regency Contemporary Alterra™ Wood Collection combines the unparalleled tradition of high quality, industry leading engineering along with a sleek, modern cast iron finish. Innovative, designer lines paired with advanced wood burning technology, the Alterra collection is today's complete wood fire concept.

6/2/2010 - Regency Takes its Contemporary Collection Fireplace Outdoors
Homeowners are investing more on their outdoor living spaces than ever before; that is why Regency Fireplace Products is responding with the introduction of the Regency Horizon™ Outdoor Fireplace. Inspired by the success of the popular Contemporary Collection, the HZO42 now allows homeowners to enjoy all the convenience and ambiance of a Regency Gas Fireplace in an outdoor setting.

5/24/2010 - Regency Fireplace Products Adds Modern Style to Small Space Design
The newest addition to Regency’s Contemporary Collection is the perfect complement to modern design and functional living. The Regency Horizon™ HZ30E gas fireplace is specifically designed for homeowners wanting to transform a small living space into a contemporary room for both style and comfort.

2/17/2010 - Regency’s Green Ignition System
Continuing on their commitment to Green initiatives, Regency is announcing its latest product innovation, the SureFire ignition system.  This gas fireplace lighting system allows you to run your fireplace in standing pilot mode (a small pilot light remains on) or in electronic ignition mode, allowing you to click on the pilot light only when needed to start the fireplace. 

11/19/2009 - High Efficiency Insert Brings the Heat Back into Your Home
As the winter season approaches, consumers begin considering replacing their old drafty masonry fireplace.  The open combustion design of older masonry fireplaces results in efficiency ratings as low as 0 to 20% (  A traditional masonry fireplace consumes copious amounts of room air and fuel with little heat output, much of which is lost through the chimney.  Most homeowners compensate for this heat loss by turning up their furnace, which results in higher home heating costs. 

9/15/2009 - Regency Fireplace Products Cares about the Environment
As consumers think about their home heating options for their homes this fall they will take a number of things into consideration: fireplace aesthetics, efficient home heating, product quality and a worry free warranty.  Today’s home renovator is concerned for both the value they receive over the initial cost of their fireplace as well as the added value to their home at the time of resale.

12/15/2008 - Regency Horizon Featured in the New American Home
In the past year, the Regency Fireplace Products’ Contemporary Collection has made an impression on professionals across North America. The clean lines, dramatic flame and sophisticated firescape make these products the perfect complement to modern décor.

10/21/2008 - Regency Continues its Environmental Commitment
Regency Fireplace Products has continued its environmental commitment through the summer 2008 with its One Regency, One Tree program. As a part of the Global ReLeaf program, Regency’s donation is responsible for planting approximately 11,000 trees in areas that have been damaged by both natural and human causes. These trees will help create clean air and water, as well as have the benefit of slowing erosion, global warming and provide a habitat for local wildlife.